Why Sell With Us?

Selling with us

Who do real estate agents work for?

When you list your home with an agent, you’re paying for their loyalty, skills and advice. The vendor is you - the home owner, and because you’re paying the bills, you control the sale. Agents work for commission and are only paid when their work satisfies you. That means they have to achieve a price that you’re happy with.

What are the signs of a good agent? When you call the agent, ask them to come out and give you an appraisal of your home. While the agent is inspecting your home, you should inspect them. Pay attention to how they dress, as this can reflect their attitude. Your agent won’t get buyers to part with large amounts of money if they don’t look and act professionally. If the agent doesn’t impress you, they won’t impress the buyers.

While speaking to the agent, think about how you feel. You need to feel comfortable with the person selling your house. Agents should explain everything clearly to you, so feel free to ask questions. Ask the agent about their experience. How much money do they think you could expect? Do they have a list of sales in your area for comparison? What advertising do they propose? Will they produce a brochure? Will they erect a sign board?

Are you prepared to answer a few questions?

The best agents will ask you detailed questions about your home. For example, has all building work that you’ve done been approved by council? If work hasn’t been approved, you may need a compliance certificate.

The most costly mistake to make If one agent gives you a vastly higher opinion of your home’s value than others, try not to get carried away. This is the most costly mistake a home owner can make - signing up their home with the most optimistic agent. You need a realistic opinion of your property’s value, one based on the agent’s sound knowledge of the area.

Remember, it’s not the seller or the agent who decides what the property is worth, it’s the buyers.

A good agent won’t make you feel like a doormat. If you have confidence in the agent then allow them to promote your property. Your faith in them should be based on their reputation, knowledge, presentation and your feelings during your meeting with them.

You are giving this agent responsibility - a good agent responds to that - and will work hard to ensure your success.

Methods of sale

Your agent will advise you on the most appropriate method of sale for a property of your type, style and location.

Private sale

You place an asking price on the property (usually a ceiling or maximum price) and buyers make offers or buy at the full price.


You promote the property for a period of time leading up to an auction day, the property is offered for sale to the highest bidder. You do have the option of selling before the auction. You don’t have to accept the highest bid on the day of the auction.


Prospective purchasers are invited to submit a signed contract at their best price on or before a particular date. The highest tender is only accepted if you are satisfied with the price, terms and conditions. Negotiations may sometimes continue after the tenders close.

Offers over

This approach is similar to a private sale, except that the property is offered for sale at an undisclosed figure with a guide price given below the figure you will accept. Prospective buyers then make offers above this guide price.

Price on application

No price indication is given in any advertising material.
Discussions may take place with potential buyers before details are given to them or inspections arranged.

Quiet listing

No promotion or advertising is carried out. Instead, potential buyers from our large database of buyers are introduced to the property, according to the relevant price bracket.



When you are selling your home, you need a tailored campaign to highlight the unique features of your property. At Aaron Lewis Real Estate, we have the experience to know how to promote your property in order to arouse interest with the target market of possible buyers looking at a property like yours.

A successful marketing campaign must present your property in the most appropriate way to every potential genuine purchaser. A successful marketing campaign carefully implemented should draw the most likely buyers to your property and provide the opportunity for our agents to negotiate the best possible price for you.
The difference between a poorly planned marketing campaign and a top quality one, can mean thousands of dollars to you at the completion of your sale. Importantly, at Aaron Lewis Real Estate our marketing is designed in complete consultation with you.

Aaron Lewis Property Agents belief is that a tailored campaign should leave “no stone unturned” in finding the best buyer for your property.

What is the Aaron Lewis Property Agents marketing difference? In the end it comes down to one thing - the final sale price you achieve.

The presentation of your property can turn a potential buyer into a determined buyer and not only get you a higher price, but also a quicker sale.

At Aaron Lewis Property Agents we can provide expert advice on how to present your property for sale.

Try to imagine that you are a prospective buyer for your own home and walk up to the property as though seeing it for the first time. First impressions are very important. Remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Make sure the gardens are neat and tidy, paths are swept and shrubs are trimmed.

Ensure the house is neat, cobweb free and obvious simple maintenance carried out.

As real estate agents, we often hear people say after purchasing, “we knew we were going to buy it the moment we stepped inside the front door. The atmosphere you create at your property can make a big difference to the final result you achieve.

You should make the rooms look as spacious as possible. People’s homes often accumulate furniture and effects which make the rooms look smaller and cramped. Remove unnecessary items and store things if necessary. A tidy home is welcoming and makes rooms look larger.

Try to keep carpets, floors, windows, walls, tiles and benches clean. Fresh flowers and indoor plants, freshly brewed coffee, a subtle oil burner and gentle background music are also little extras which help to create atmosphere.

Allow as much natural light as possible.

Entice the people inside.

Presentation - Create the Atmosphere

Fix it

Minor imperfections can distract from the real features of your home.

Unpleasant smells

Cooking smells and pet smells, which may not be apparent to you, may be offensive to others. Allow plenty of air into your home before an inspection takes place.

Swimming pools

Make sure the pool or spa sparkles! A clean pool is inviting and adds appeal on a hot day.

Your Agent

Having engaged your agent for their professional ability, you should trust them and allow them to do their job. Purchasers feel far more comfortable when the owners are not at home and this allows the agent a much better opportunity to discuss the key objections and queries. If you are unable to leave the property and are asked a question simply answer the question briefly and honestly and fade into the background.

At Aaron Lewis Property Agents we fully understand the importance of presentation when selling your property. You should put our experience to work in maximising the presentation and sale price of your property.